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Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. The city has a population of about 1.35 million, while its urban area is the 5th largest in the EU and the largest in Italy with an estimated population of about 5.2 million.

It has been suggested that the Milan metropolitan area is part of the so-called Blue Banana, the area of Europe with the highest population and industrial density.

Milan was founded by the Insubres, a Celtic people. The city was later conquered by the Romans, becoming the capital of the Western Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, Milan flourished as a commercial and banking center. In the course of centuries, it has been alternatively dominated by the Austrians, the French, and the Spaniards, until when in 1859 the city was eventually annexed by the new Kingdom of Italy. During the early 1900s, Milan led the industrialization process of the young nation, being at the very center of the economic, social and political debate. Badly affected by the World War II devastations, and after a harsh Nazi occupation, the city became the main centre of the Italian Resistance.

In post-war years, the city enjoyed a prolonged economic boom, attracting large flows of immigrants from rural Southern Italy. During the last decades, Milan has seen a dramatic rise in the number of international migrants, and today more than one sixth of its population is foreign born. Milan is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy and a leading global city. Its business district hosts the Italian Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the largest national banks and companies. The city is a major world fashion and design capital. Thanks to its important museums, theatres and landmarks (including the Milan Cathedral, the fourth largest cathedral in the world, and Santa Maria delle Grazie, decorated with Leonardo da Vinci paintings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site) Milan attracts more than two million annual visitors.

It hosts numerous cultural institutions and universities, with 185,000 enrolled students in 2011, i.e. 11 percent of the national total. The city is also well known for several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, the largest of its kind in the world. Milan is home to two of the world's major football teams, A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano.


  • City Police (Polizia Municipale):
    02 77 271
  • Central Police Station (Milan):
    02 62 261
  • Vigili Urbani:
    02 77 271
  • English-speaking tourist police:
    02 863 701
  • Samaritans Intervention Hotline:
    800 860 022
  • Drugs:
    800 58 854
  • Women Abuse:
    800 001 122
  • Italian Red Cross Ambulance Service (Available 08:00-20:00):
    02 331 29206
  • Anti-Poison (Centro Antiveleni):
    02 661 01029
  • Pharmacy/Chemist On Duty:
  • Taxi:
    02 6969, 02 8383, 06 4000, 02 6767
    Medical Call Centres
  • The Lombardy Call Centre Sanità provides information on medical services available to Lombardy residents.

    Tel: 840 000 006

    Open: Monday to Saturday 08:00-20:00

  • The numero verde for Milan Health Department (Sanità Milano) enables patients to book specialist health visits and examinations at selected hospitals.

    Tel: 800 638 638

    Open: Monday to Saturday 08:00-20:00

  • To reserve a specialist medical appointment in Como or Varese, patients can call the free phone number for the Lombardy region.

    Tel: 803 000
    24-hour Pharmacies (chemists) in Lombardy
  • The Pronto Farmacia helpline helps people to locate an open pharmacy in Lombardy. It also assists those in need of urgent prescriptions and general information. The service is available 24 hours a day.

    Pronto Farmacia

    Numero Verde
    800 801 185

    Every pharmacy is obliged to display a list of pharmacies open at night outside their door. The pharmacies open at night must keep their sign illuminated and the bell visible.

    Pharmacies (farmacia) in Milan
  • Farmacia Stazione Centrale Galleria delle Partenze, 20124:
    02 669 0935
  • Farmacia Carlo Erba Piazza Duomo 21, 20121:
    02 864 64832
  • Farmacia Carlo Erba Corso Buenos Aires, 4:
    02 295 13320
  • Farmacia Carlo Erba Via Boccaccio, 26:
    02 469 5281
  • Farmacia Corvetto Viale Lucania 10, 20139:
    02 574 04805
  • Farmacia Corvetto Piazza V Giornate, 6:
    02 551 94867
  • Farmacia Corvetto Via Stradivari, 1:
    02 295 26966
  • Farmacia Corvetto Viale Ranzoni, 2:
    02 480 04681
  • Farmacia Pozzi Centro Commerciale Bonola, Via Quarenghi 23:
    02 334 00656
  • Farmacia Scevola Viale Fulvio Testi 74, 20139:
    02 642 0052
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